Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids
September 6, 2008, 7:58 pm
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Before you get all fucked up, let me explain. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse, and over the years, it has occurred to me that surviving the abuse has had an enormous effect on my life and the way I live it. So, through the years, every time I do something fucked up, or react in a fucked up sort of way, I think to myself, “See? This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids.” Because if someone hadn’t fucked with me as a kid, then I wouldn’t have so many fucked up negative consequences.

DISCLAIMER: Let me state for the record – this blog is AGAINST the fucking of children. This whole blog is about why you SHOULD NEVER FUCK CHILDREN. If you are currently fucking kids in any way, shape, or form, and I find out about it, I will report you to the proper authorities. This blog hopefully will explain to you why this is a bad idea, and why if you are doing such a thing, you should stop. And if you can’t stop, then you should be locked away in a safe place until such time as you are able to stop.

Back to our regularly scheduled shit. Some of the posts will be funny, some will be heartbreaking, and some will make you say “fuck, that’s bad”. Also, I speak as “We”, meaning all of us survivors of child sexual abuse. But I really can’t speak for everyone. If you are reading this and you are a survivor, and your shit differs from mine, I apologize for speaking for you. And if your shit is the same, then know that you are not alone.

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You, as well, are not alone.

I see stuff on your blog that makes me go yeah that is me too.


Comment by kate1975

sadly nor are you

Comment by buckwheatsrisk

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