Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #3: We Get Scared of People
September 6, 2008, 8:05 pm
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A guy approached me in an elevator today. He was smiling and flirting with me. My reaction was to freak out and run away. I stammered something and then ran away.

Here’s the thing. When you fuck kids, they grow up and get scared of intimacy. Someone flirting with me means that he wants to get intimate with me at some point. People got “intimate” with me when I didn’t want them to, when I was in a little body and I didn’t have the power for my “no” to be heard and respected. Now I am still that scared little girl in a grown up body, and I am seriously afraid that you, guy in the elevator, you won’t respect my no either. So I run away from you as quick as possible.

I know what you want. I can see it in your eyes. And all of you scare the shit out of me, to be honest. This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids, we get scared of people because we know they are willing to hurt us.

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This guy probably should have given you more space. An elevator is a scary place to be alone with a guy, even if you aren’t a survivor.

Survivors need more space to feel safe. That is something that abuse did to us. I’m sorry that you went through that.

I agree with you, we get scared of people because they are willing to hurt us.


Comment by kate1975

i so know what you mean, i can’t handle touch from people very well, even with my Hubbers (a good kind gentle loving man) it is difficult. i love how blunt and honest you are here…thank you for saying it the way it needs to be said!

Comment by buckwheatsrisk

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