Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #11: We Lose Our Memory, but our Body Remembers
September 22, 2008, 6:56 pm
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When I was five or less, a babysitter came into our lives, and molested my brother and I. I have no conscious memory of this, nothing I can point to and say “Ah-ha! There it is!”. I have no conscious memory of being touched by her, or of touching her. No memory of her at all. No memory of what she looks like, her name, or how long she was our babysitter.

How do I know she molested me, you ask? Well, there are several clues. For one thing, she molested my brother, and he remembers it. Plus, he then molested me, several years later. Kids don’t generally molest other kids unless someone fucked them first. The other evidence is how I am afraid of everything. Apparently that started right after this babysitter came into our lives. I became fearful, started wetting the bed, began sleeping with my mom, and putting the covers over my head so as to “hide” in the bed (I still have some of that shit – bedtime is REAL interesting in our household). I began having unexplainable fears, like those of the dark, and of social events, and pretty much everything. And then there’s the last piece of evidence. I told my mother about it about a year after it happened. Apparently, I said something like, “I saw my brother licking the babysitter.” I have no conscious memory of saying this, and no conscious memory of the event.

I have almost no memory at all before the age of five, yet I have strange things about me that are just unexplainable. There’s a certain song that whenever it comes on, I panic and freak out. Whenever I see a woman that looks a certain way, I can’t breathe, and I start to tremble. And the ten reasons before this reason, and the hundreds of reasons that are coming after this reason.

This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids. We lose our memory, and then no one believes us when we speak the truth.

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I can relate to being upset by a certain type of person, the way they look, etc. You are right, it says you were abused. A certain type of woman affects me as well.

I’m sorry that you were abused.


Comment by kate1975

anyone resembling my uncle, and my uncle himself gives me a weird horrible feeling…his hands stand out most but everything…i am having a really hard time even typing this, my body is going stiff, i have that horrible feeling, my hands are sweaty, i can hardly breath…okay..gotta go thank you for writing this.

Comment by buckwheatsrisk

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