Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #23: Sexuality
November 11, 2008, 10:51 pm
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This post is gonna get people all fucked up, because people get all fucked up about gay stuff. This post is about MY LIFE only, and is not expandable to the whole survivor population or the whole gay population or the whole straight population. Let me state from the start that I support all gay rights, as well as everyone’s right to be gay. I think that most homosexuals are born that way, and have no choice in that matter. Furthermore, I think if it were a choice, I think it’s a perfectly acceptable choice, so who gives a shit if it is a choice or born with it or whatever the fuck people need to tell themselves to make shit okay. Back to my post, ok?

I was in two gay relationships before I started dating my husband. The first one – I was in that one for two and a half years, and we loved each other. The second one – that only lasted about six months, but I loved her too. I am not sure if she ever really loved me. I got into the first one because I was terrified of men. We eventually broke up because I knew I wasn’t gay, and she knew it too. I broke up with the second one because she was borderline abusive, and also I knew I wasn’t gay, and so did she. My lovers were gay, and my first girlfriend was a survivor too.

The thing is, when you get molested in childhood, your sexuality lines and boundaries get all kinds of fucked up. My brother has pictures of naked ladies on his personal computer at home, but fucks guys by choice. I don’t know whether he is gay, but I find it REAL interesting that both of us explored gay relationships when we are both heterosexually inclined. This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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I am bi-sexual. I have always liked both sexes. I have known it since I was about 12 or so, when I started looking at boys AND girls. What makes me sick is that my “Dad” still proudly states how his fucking me made me love men! How sick is that? To be honest, I am SURPRISED I even want to have sex with anyone. *SIGH*

Comment by V

[…] 27, 2008 I mentioned before that I used to be in gay relationships. My first gay relationship lasted for two and a half years, and we were completely in love with […]

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I’m gay, and being a survivor was why it took me so long to stop agreeing to fuck men who wanted me, just because they wanted me, and start being with women like I’m supposed to. It’s all part of being out of touch with what I wanted sexually and emotionally. So I totally get your post, Butterfly, and no offence taken. I’ve been in several support groups for women survivors, as well, and you know what? There are always about 10-15% lesbians or bi women in the group, which is just the same in the general population. I tell you one thing though, I’m quite grateful I’m gay, so I don’t have to sort out normal guy annoyingness/sexism from survivor stuff any more.

Comment by Sword Dance Warrior

[…] few years ago, I used to get home before my mom and girlfriend. All three of us were living together. I guess my work hours ended earlier in the day than their […]

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[…] second reason dealt with sex, and it was something I dealt with in Reasons 9, 20, 23, 25, and 33. Six times this sex thing has fucked me up in adulthood due to the sex thing fucking […]

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I think that our sexuality is our primary victim to being abused. Then we end up with abusers in adulthood. Abuse makes it harder to figure out our sexual desires. I wish that there was an easy and quick way to heal all this.


Comment by kate1975

[…] I was still with my ex-girlfriend, she had this job where she was required to do overnight shifts.  Being left alone at night fucked […]

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