Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #26: Georgia Rule

I was watching that movie “Georgia Rule” with my husband over Thanksgiving. *SPOILER ALERT* There’s a part where Lindsay Lohan’s character tells her mom that her stepfather was molesting her. Her mom, an alcoholic, handles it by drinking herself into a stupor.

After that scene, I started to cry and told my husband how when I told my mom what was happening with my dad when I was 15, she had to go the doctor because she couldn’t take it. The doctor prescribed her some tranquilizers.

I wanted to watch the movie again, because we missed the beginning, but the huz said “No, honey. That movie fucks you up.”

Unfortunately, it’s not the movie that fucked me.

This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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I randomly stumbled upon your blog a while back and I just wanted to tell you that I think its great. Everything that you write resonates within me and I’ve never read anything so accurate before. I’m thinking, “I thought that before.” Georgia Rule is one of my favorite movies because I feel such a [terrible] connection to it.

Anyway, thank you for writing. You’re doing great!


Comment by Alli

Hi Alli,

From one butterfly to another – thank you so much for the words of encouragement! It’s always great to read that someone cares about or likes what I have to say.


Comment by butterflysblog

[…] what happened, I get fucked up. This happened when I saw an episode of My Name Is Earl (Reason 22), Georgia Rule (Reason 26), and Fred Claus (Reason 27). What I learned from Earl though was that being abused by […]

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Hi Butterfly,

I have never seen that movie. I will try to see it, one day. Thank you.


Comment by kate1975

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