Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #39: Ear Tubes
January 14, 2009, 6:29 pm
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I know what you’re thinking. What do ear tubes have to do with why you shouldn’t fuck kids? Nothing. Except that it’s my son who has to get the ear tubes surgically put into his ears this Friday.

Everyone says it’s a routine surgery, and I am sure it is routine. But when it’s your child, nothing is routine. It’s surgery, and here is what I know for sure. I have to hand him over to strangers to take care of for a few minutes, and in those few minutes I cannot protect him. While the logical conscious part of me says that he will be fine, I am sure my mother also thought my brother and I would be fine when she left us with that babysitter all those years ago.

My husband asked me what part of this upcoming surgery was scariest for me. I said “The part where I have to hand him over. If he starts crying, I think I might die.” I started to cry as I said it. The idea that I might have to hand over my crying baby to some doctor is overwhelming. He will think I betrayed him. I am his mama, I am supposed to protect him.

The picture in my mind as I write this, and of course my mind can’t help but go THERE, is a memory of me as a little girl. I am in someone’s arms, and I see my daddy walk away. It’s not THAT babysitter, but I guess it is A babysitter. I am SCREAMING for my daddy. But he just keeps walking away. Now that I am an adult I realize that he didn’t know what had happened to me with that child-molesting babysitter, so it’s not like he intentionally walked away from a terrorized child. He thought he was walking away from a tantrumming child. Either way, the effect on me was the same. He wasn’t going to stick around to protect me from this either. This is not the image I want my son to have on Friday.

This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids. My son needs a surgery to help stop recurring ear infections, and instead of being afraid of all the normal shit that parents in this situation are afraid of, I am afraid my son will feel betrayed by me. And scared and alone. I don’t want that for my son.

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I can TOTALLY understand where you are coming from with this. I never let anyone babysit my daughter(s) other than my best friend Kevin and my mother. No daycare, no stranger babysitters. I would have had a coronary if I had to leave my kids with someone I didn’t know.

As far as his surgery. My sister had tubes in her ears when she was very young, for the same reason, and I was so shocked when she came out of surgery, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to play hahaha. He will do just fine, just FINE. *hug*

Comment by V

My extended family has ear infection, ear issues, and allergy problems contrinuting to the above problems.

Thinking of you both. Good and healing thoughts to yous.


Comment by kate1975

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