Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #69: Conversations with Friends

I was talking to my friend about survivors of priest sexual abuse. I mean, really, surprise surprise, priests are human beings, and humans fuck kids. She said that she felt that at some point there should be a mandatory stop-point for all new claims of child sexual abuse from priests. (She’s a religious conservative Catholic.)

I replied with this: “Murder is a crime where there is no statute of limitations. The law feels that if you commit the crime of murder, the murdered person will always remain murdered, so there is no statute of limitations as to when the murderer can be caught, prosecuted, and punished. A lot of states also have laws that say there should be no statute of limitations on child sexual abuse. Many states, however, say that once you turn 18, you have 3 years from then to criminally prosecute your abuser. If you were abused at say, age 5, and have no memory of the abuse until say, 35, your abuser gets to walk the streets a free man, and you can’t put him in jail.” She kind of stared at me after that.

Here’s what I didn’t tell her. That example was me, or could be me, if I ever gain conscious image memories of that babysitter fucking my brother and I when we were tiny little kids. Were it up to my friend, apparently, this bitch could walk free the rest of her fucking life since I didn’t remember the abuse in time. Or maybe she is already in jail for fucking other kids who retained conscious memory all along. Who knows.

It’s real easy to want us all to shut the fuck up about our abuse, to stop coming forward, to stop speaking altogether. Wouldn’t that be nice for all the abusers in the world? We all shut up and they keep doing what they’re doing.

I understand what my “friend” was saying. I really do. She wants it to stop. She wants to stop hearing about it. Well so do I, lady. In order to stop hearing about it, you need to stop perpetrators from DOING IT. Then we won’t have to come forward with our stories of abuse.

This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids. If you want new claims to stop, stop the reason for the claims.

I wish I had said it to her the way I thought it: “If people would stop fucking kids, there would be no more new claims of sexual abuse”.

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You nailed it, Butterfly. I was a fly on the wall in a Catholic institution talking about the abusing priests. They’re now screening potential priest applicants a lot better, apparently, and warehousing the paedophile priests in monasteries away from kids, which they’ve done instead of kicking the priest out. I agree with the priest that told me about it – he said that if they kicked them out, they’d be on the street free to abuse, but if they keep them as priests they can keep them away from kids permanently.

People (especially those with rigid worldviews that include things like deities that protect children and good people from harm) have a big problem with hearing about children being abused, especially by people in roles they’ve been taught to respect (fathers, clergy, grandparents). It makes all kinds of cognitive dissonance and messes with their nice tidy worldview. They need to get over it. I had to. Bad things happen to kids. Kids don’t deserve it. Making kids (or the adults they’ve become) shut up about it is adding insult to injury. What’s extra insulting about it is that she thinks her discomfort with being forced to even *know* that some priests do abuse kids is more important than justice and closure for some kid that got abused. What does she think child sexual abuse is, some minor offence that people should just overlook?

Comment by sworddancewarrior

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a religious system that protected and cradled me, and never betrayed my trust. Unfortunately, this means that I have a very dim view of the Catholic Church, because I have clear and present evidence that They’re Doin’ It Wrong.

You’re absolutely right. There will be no new allegations when there are no more abused children. There will be no new allegations when no more priests are allowed to be alone with children, and priests that have assaulted children in the past are drummed the fuck out on their backsides, because currently, all they get is a slap on the wrist and removal to some country estate. Threaten them with the loss of everything they’ve studied for, goddamnit.

I feel intense pity for kids who have been betrayed by such a trusted figure. I hope that the statute of limitations laws get more encompassing, not less, because the abuse never goes away.

Comment by oniongirl13


I wanted to say that keeping those men as priests is keeping them in a high position of power in relationship to God and over parishoners, even if they are never allowed to council or minister to parishioners. They all know, and especially all the survivors know what these sex offenders have done to children and teens and that they get to keep their vows to God and their title and their salary and don’t suffer at all. No consequences. It doesn’t keep them away from children. There is a place here in my state where sex offenders are, they are allowed out in the community, they are not prisoners, for years they were there and no one in the community or the state knew that they were dangerous sex offenders in a relgious community nearby. At any time any one of them can choose to leave the priesthood and because the church does not believe in reporting allegations of sexual offending against minors to the police, they have no records, they can leave and go on to do whatever they want, they can marry and create their own victims. They can get jobs and the diocese will not tell employers that these are sex offenders. They are not containing them. This person is factually inaccurate.

As we all know few abuse survivors are able to report. Fewer still are ever able to have a court case. Rarer still is a sex offender convicted who serves any time. These are facts, not opinions. It is too bad this person would rather have the comfort of no new cases over no new sexual offenses. Every survivors deserves a measure of justice. I did not get any. I was not able to remember about my mother until she was dead for four years.


Comment by kate1975

Well said. As an incest survivor, I would like to add the fact that child sexual abuse is murder of the soul. Therefore, the statute of limitations should never run out. I just joined WordPress and would like to invite you to visit my Blog some time. I am just getting started so check back in the near future.

Comment by aletheamarinanova

I agree. It is murder of the soul. I don’t think that there should be a statute of limitations.


Comment by kate1975

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