Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #77: Conversation endings
April 18, 2009, 12:36 am
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I don’t say the word “goodbye”. I don’t like that word. To me, it implies a finality, a meaning of forever. I don’t want to acknowledge that this might be the last time I talk to you or see you, so I don’t say that word. My husband said that until I explained this to him (when we were dating), the endings of our phone conversations were real interesting to him.

Me: So I guess I’ll talk to you later?
Him: Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll call you tomorrow night around 7:30.
Me: That sounds good. Talk to you later. (Click.)
Him: Hello? Hello?

He finally had the sense to use his words and ask me about that. I explained to him that I didn’t want to say that word that people use to end conversations, because I would like to speak with him again, and by saying that word, I feel like I am telling the Universe that it’s okay with me to not speak to that person again.

I used to think I was the only one with the weird goodbye shit, but then I read Antwone Fisher’s autobiography (which was turned into a movie, but I haven’t seen that yet), and it turns out he too doesn’t say the word goodbye. He was molested by a female relative when he was a child. Now both of us are scared shitless of a fucking word. This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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I don’t like that word either. It is not a good thing, to me. And leaving anyone, that is not easy either. So the two things often together make things very hard. I really don’t see any need, usually, to end things when others want to end them, I can go on for hours avoiding a goodbye.

I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, yet. I plan on doing that.

My ex boyfriend used to spend huge amounts of time trying to get me to say goodbye, to him it was important, to me it was torture.

I have finally started saying bye for now. It still doesn’t feel so good but it is the thing I say. Online in im I will often start out by saying see you later alligator and then my friend will say after while crocodile. It may seem silly to others, but those who love me know how to humor me.


Good and healing thoughts to you.


Comment by kate1975

[…] Reason #77: Conversation endings […]

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It’s important to leave on a good note. What you have is an artistic definition of that moment which you have applied firm rules that work for you and the people that you love. That’s beautiful.

Comment by sandma1half

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