Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #79: The summer blanket
April 20, 2009, 12:48 pm
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Last night, the huz and I made the switch to the summer blanket, which is this really thin flimsy thing that is probably meant to keep a body cool during the heat of the summer months. We’d both been sweating the last few nights, so we felt it was an appropriate time.

This morning the huz got up early to go work out, so I was in bed alone with the summer blanket, and I instantly felt unsafe under its relative non-weight. It was actually weird all night long with it, but it got acutely difficult after he left the bed and I was left alone under it.

This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids. We can’t sleep unless we are hidden in a mess of heavy blankets because of what you did to us. We hide at night under our covers, the way you read about children doing when they are scared. We were those kids. Now we are those adults, and we still need all those blankets even though we also know somewhere in our heads that no amount of blankets ever really kept us safe. Still though, we need to sleep at night, so we imagine that heavy blankets keep us safe.

Surviving childhood sexual abuse absolutely seeps into every facet of living, from waking through sleeping. I have always thought so privately, but now that I am counting every reason out in my blog, it’s really hitting home. I bet my husband was happy about the summer blanket. I bet the fact that it weighs next to nothing actually felt good for him. For me it was yet another thing to get through.

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I totally have this too. I run a fan pointing directly at me so that I can sleep with a comforter as long as possible.

Comment by oniongirl13

I have this too. Mostly I stay under the heavy blanket as long as possible then stick my legs out when I get hot. I used to not be able to stick my legs out, which was terrible. I wish someone would come up with a reassuringly heavy, but non-heat retaining blanket for people like us.

Comment by sworddancewarrior

This used to be an issue for me, but less so now.

I believe there is such a thing as a “weighted blanket” – Blooming Lotus posted on her blog about it awhile ago. Check it out here:

Comment by kerro

I have this issue too. It took me a really long time to be able to sleep in the summer with just a sheet, though I don’t sleep as deep and have more anxiety when I do, and that was sort of necessary because I don’t have air conditioning and it gets really hot. But for years I used a veloux blanket year round. It keeps me very warm.


Comment by kate1975

I wanted to add that when I was in a relationship and we sometimes slept together I always insisted on an extra blanket for myself that I used under the sheet and blanket that was across the whole bed. I used the extra blanket to cocoon myself up pretty good. Perhaps that could help you, if it wasn’t too hot to tolerate.


Comment by kate1975

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