Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #86: The Weather Outside is Frightful
May 11, 2009, 12:24 pm
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Summer is coming. The spring months are here, and that brings with it beautiful sunny days. I would really love to take my sweet beautiful son outside to play. I don’t really go outside a lot. I want to, but I generally talk myself out of it within a few seconds.

When I am home with my son, who is less than 2 years old, I think to myself “I should take him outside to play.” I think about how we could go out there and he would inspect the grass, and I would watch him. But what if someone is able to sneak into my house while my back is turned? Or if someone steals me or my kid, or rapes me or my kid? No, no, safer to stay inside.

See how quick that worked? When the huz is home, we go outside with the baby together, and truly, it’s some of my happiest times. When I am alone with the baby though, my fear gets the best of me. When people try to talk sense into me, like by saying that my fear is irrational or not based in reality, they are a little bit right. I mean, statistically speaking, there’s more of a chance of nothing happening than something happening. But what the fuck do statistics mean when three separate people fucked with me when I was a child? What do statistics mean when you’ve been on intimate terms with evil?

Not being able to take my son outside to play on beautiful days. That would be reason #86 why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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Hi Butterfly,
I agree with you. It is hard to deal with this stuff and so easy to talk yourself out of doing something because of fears.

The big things are hard. But missing out on the little things, the littles joys, that is just awful.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


Comment by kate1975

Thank G-d your husband encourages you to go out. This is exactly the kind of moral support you yourself possess and have been spreading with your words. I think we tend to think of ourselves as mice without such people in our lives, ready to be eaten by the next injured lion, easily blown away by the next big bad wolf. It is hard to remember who we are without such advocates by our side, but you are without a doubt one of the strongest people I know. If all he has to do is stand next to you for you to feel right with the world, who is to say there is anything wrong with that? Most people don’t have the courage to say an ounce of the things you write about. Sing it, Sister!

Comment by sandma1half

I wish you could get out more with your baby…maybe one day with your husband’s encouragement and help you wull be able to go outside with your son and be happy without worrying! I will pray for that day to come soon for you and your son!!



Comment by murderousthoughts

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