Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #91: We Tend to Kill Ourselves

You know that Mormon sect leader, Warren Jeffs – the shithead who is in jail for forcing his 14 year old niece to marry some guy. It turns out he molested some of his nephews. One of them (Brent Jeffs) was on Good Morning America, talking about how he and his brother were molested by Warren Jeffs. Brent’s brother couldn’t be on the show with him because he killed himself.

When I saw the picture of his brother, I cried. I always cry when I see people who feel suicidal or have committed suicide. I remember all too well what it was like to think that there’s no way out of this misery, that I would always feel this way. I think that most of us survivors flirt with suicide at some point in our survival. I am damn glad to have survived, but I take no pleasure in being the only one, which is why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

This entry goes out to all my fucked brothers and sisters. If you are considering suicide, stop for a minute and call 1-800-suicide which translates to 1-800-784-2433. When I was suicidal at 12 and 19, I truly thought I would be better off dead. I thought that my pain would never end, and that my whole life would be lived as terribly as the first 19 years had been. I was wrong, dead wrong. If I had killed myself, I wouldn’t have found my best friend and married him, had my beautiful son, and started this blog. I know that when you are in the depths of despair and everything looks like a big black tunnel with no end, everything can seem so bleak, and suicide seems like your best option. It isn’t. Your pain will end, and when it does, you can take what you know and use it to help other survivors. Together we can fight and win in this war against children.

Remember what Frank Warren of Postsecret says: “The children that the world almost breaks become the children who will save the world.

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How true. We’ve lost too many survivors already. We need all of our voices, all of our strategies for healing, all of our hard won wholeness.

Comment by sworddancewarrior

I agree with SWD. I have been saying this for years to other survivors, we need you. Don’t leave us.

I saw an interview on Anderson Cooper 360 where the woman who had written about her life in this group said that she now believes from her personal recall that 50% of the girls in her community had been sexually abused by their fathers. That has stayed with me.

Good and healing thoughts to us all.


Comment by kate1975

The book is called “Escape” and the author’s name is Carolyn Jessup.

Comment by kate1975

It is sad but true that yes, most of us flirt with suicide. Me, I had a death wish, but for some reason all the attempts never worked. I figured it was because I needed to tell the world, I needed to purge and I needed to show others like us that they are not alone.

I cry when I see another brother or sister who has killed themselves. It angers me, it saddens me and it makes me vengeful.

Thanks for writing this blog…*hugs*


Comment by murderousthoughts

Suicide is one of the saddest forms of death. So sad… so very sad.

What an amazing quote at the end of your post, and so true…

Comment by All Time Love

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