Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #104: Everyone’s a Predator

The huz and I ran some errands yesterday with our son. Our son is almost two years old. At one of the stores we were at, some guy took a real interest in our son. He got real close to him, and asked us his name, if he’s talking, what kinds of things he likes, etc. I wedged myself between him and my son because I immediately disliked him and his questions.

Later, when we were driving to another errand, I asked my husband what he thought of that freak in the store who talked to our son. My husband could tell what I thought of him from the way I had asked him the question, and he said “He’s probably harmless”. I said “Why? Because you want him to be?” He said “No, because I know the statistics. Most people are not out to harm our son.”

That statement gave me pause for thought. In my mind, most people are out to harm my son. The world is one big predator waiting for me to drop my guard so they can hurt him in some way. It is one of the many reasons I am constantly on guard when I am alone with my son. My husband, however, was raised in an idyllic place with a lovely childhood where he was safe all the time, and no one hurt him. His parents never even hit him because they don’t justify the use of violence with children. I imagine that if I grew up in such a safe world where no one ever fucked me, I might also have the luxury of thinking that the freak in the store was interested in my child because of some innocent reason. Instead, I grew up in an unsafe home and am consequently all too aware of the pedophilic tendencies of people in the general society.

My husband grew up in a safe home, and I did not. My husband’s body was always his own, and no one ever used it against his will, or took advantage of him in disgusting unscrupulous ways. My body was not my own with a babysitter, a brother, and a father.

My husband thinks no one is a predator, and I know that everyone is. This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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Hi Butterfly,

I agree with you.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


Comment by kate1975

Good for you for blocking this guy’s interest in your son. Sounds like I’d do the same.

If you can deal with it, I suggest reading that book about predators, Butterfly. It had lots of good advice and examples about keeping your kids safe. The author is a mother, so she had some good real-life examples and gave the strategies she uses to keep her kids safe.

Blessings to you.

Comment by sworddancewarrior

I just wrote about this particular post on my own blog. Well, the subject of it anyway (I sited this post as well). I read and re read this and found that you might have answered a nagging problem for me!

I, too, saw (still see) every stranger, and some family members as potential pedophiles. I kept my daughter safe as she grew up and I am not aware of anytime I intruded into her daily routine or embarrassed any family members by my obsessiveness. I don’t think they even were aware.

Possibly, you may have helped me find the valid reasoning I can offer up to my daughter when next we hit upon that familiar, well argued, topic of contention between us.

Thank you so very much for sharing this post!


Comment by Ivory

Hi Ivory,

What is the address of your blog? I would love to visit it.


Comment by butterflysblog

Aaarrrgggg. I just wrote nearly a whole answer and hit the wrong button and it blasted me out of the universe!!

If I’ve accidentally posted a double comment, please kick one of them out.

Anyway, my blog is Shades Of Ivory at

I’d love to get your view on my thinking. I’m not sure what part of your post made so much sense to me, maybe it was the whole of it. I sort of ramble/babble on in my post as I try to process thru it, so please don’t feel I’m saying I disagree with anything you posted here, quite the opposite, actually.

I’m trying to process thru it and tho I have the second part finished, it doesn’t say what I need it to – so tweaking it, I will do tomorrow.

Comment by Ivory

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