Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #107: Michael Jackson

This post will probably not be popular, because right now everyone doesn’t see that the emperor was an alleged pedophile, but here goes anyway.

On Friday, “Good Morning America”, spent the entire two-hour program extolling the virtues of Michael Jackson. I mean, sure, there’s other news in the world, but apparently who cares? Michael Jackson DIED.

Everywhere I go, I hear the words ‘tragic’ and ‘untimely’. I just don’t get it. Really, I don’t. I know people loved him, but are we all forgetting that he liked to get into bed with little boys? I mean, no one will ever know for certain what exactly transpired between him and those little boys, but he admitted to getting into bed with them. He’s an adult, and they were little boys. Doesn’t anyone tap their fingers to their heads and say “Hmmm”???

The thing is, I realize he was a very talented man who created wonderful music that the whole world loved. I get that. But what I don’t get is people putting him on a pedestal after his death. When he was alive, everyone thought of him as a child molester. People were ridiculing him for the molestation and many other things up until the minute he died. Why does he now have to be Saint Michael Jackson? I mean, shit, just admit that he was both – a creator of wonderful music and also a man that liked to befriend and get into bed with little boys.

This is why survivors have such a hard time. Even when the alleged molester admits to doing certain things, still everyone is ‘unsure’. I can hear everyone saying “Nothing was proven.” You’re right. Nothing was proven, kind of. BUT, he admitted to giving little boys wine, and getting into bed with them. Now, I don’t know about you, but if my little boy were to go sleep over someone else’s house and an adult male got into bed with him, I would be feeling rageful. And as I always say, if you’re so sure he isn’t a child molester, why don’t you go ahead and let him babysit your son, and see how you feel then?

I think it’s tragic that the victims of Michael Jackson have to turn on the news and know that the whole world thinks they are lying or just out for the money, even when the alleged pedophile himself admitted to sleeping in the bed with them. And not just one child, mind you. Several children. He paid off the first little boy’s parents, and then went ahead and slept with several more until they charged him again.

They interviewed Andrew Vachss during the Michael Jackson child molestation trial, and he said “The one thing that all pedophiles have in common is a profound sense of entitlement”. And if you recall, when Michael Jackson was repeatedly interviewed about his habit of sleeping with little boys, he always defended this practice as though it was the right thing to do.

Did Michael Jackson do good things, like create beautiful music and charities, etc? Sure he did. No one can take that away from him. But did he also like to sleep in bed with little boys? Yes. He admitted he did, and defended it. And I sure am sick and tired of hearing about his life and death in the news. Every time I see his name or picture and some asshole on tv or in person saying how tragic it is, my mind’s eye always goes to the kids he slept with. Why is everyone forgetting this part of who he was?

When I hear people extolling Michael’s virtues, and not mentioning his pedophilic tendencies, I can’t help but wonder about his victims, and how they are probably struggling every time they turn on the tv or some idiot at the grocery store says how sad it is. I wonder how sad it is for his victims?

We survivors are silenced every day by this sort of shit. Our molesters are people in the community, well-connected, and have you all convinced they are saints too. Just yesterday, some disgusting prick who works at Duke University made a deal with an undercover cop to sell his five year old son for sexual services. Thank goodness it was to an undercover copy, and the prick was arrested. My point is, anyone looking at him would have thought he was an upstanding citizen, he worked for Duke University, etc. But he wasn’t an upstanding citizen. He liked to rape little boys that he adopted.

Love Michael Jackson all you want. Just don’t forget that he was a man who defended sleeping with little boys.

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It’s a lot to digest, but you write so sensitively that it’s not that hard to understand. There were many times that Michael Jackson provoked anger and outrage with his performances on stage and off. I think the world at large is easily manipulated into allowing anyone with enough star power into doing whatever they want to do, no questions asked. I should hope if nothing else, MJ has left us with an understanding of how important it is not to trust just anyone with our children. Thank you, Butterfly. I think this is a side of the news that most people have chosen to neglect for purely selfish reasons.

Comment by sandma1half

Thank you for writing this post, Butterfly. You wrote exactly what I was going to write about and now I don’t need to. I totally agree.

I think that Michael Jackson was almost certainly a child molester. Men without adult sexual relationships who choose to hang out with children of a particular sex and age are the classic profile for child molesting.

Did anyone see him sexually touch these boys? Of course not, and how could anyone win a lawsuit against someone so rich? The fact he wasn’t convicted, or the parents settled out of court proves nothing.

No competent parent would want their little boy to hang out unsupervised with a man who likes to hang out with litle boys of a particular age and sleep with them. Not to mention dangling his own child out the window which tells me volumes about his regard for the child.

I agree that this must be extremely hard for the boys he abused. Blessings to them, where ever you are. To them I say “You will survive this. May you someday dance on his grave.”


Comment by sworddancewarrior

SDW – thank you so much for commenting on this post. I have to say – this post was difficult to write because I was so sure that everyone in the world disagreed with me. I have already had a few public arguments about this, and lost. Thank you for the backup, warrior sister.

Comment by butterflysblog


Comment by oniongirl13

Sorry guys, I’m going to be a (partly) dissenting voice here. I have always felt kind of sad about Michael Jackson (although would never consider myself a “fan”).

He never had a childhood of his own – when he wasn’t on stage, or practicing to go on stage, he was being abused by his father. He was surely a very lonely child, who grew into a very lonely man.

I’m not denying that he was a child molester. But was he? We will never know. Was he molesting those boys, or was he just a child stuck in an adult’s body? Was he just seeking to create a childhood of his own, seeking “friends” in ways that were not appropriate? I don’t know. None of us will ever know.

I’m not defending the molestation of children – it enrages me like it enrages the rest of you. I’m desperately sad for the children he may have molested, and the hell they must be experiencing now while the rest of the world adores St Michael and ignores his foul behaviour on many fronts.

I know this comment is a little all over the place – I guess it just reflects my own conflicted thinking about this. One thing I do know for sure is that he was a musical genius – and like many with extreme artistic talent, he was also quite odd in many, many ways.

I hope that he, and any children he did molest, can find some peace now.

As for the mother of his children and her never wanting to see them again…. don’t get me started on that!

Comment by kerro

Hi Butterfly,

Thank you for writing about this. I agree with you.

I don’t need to know for sure what happened to believe he was a sexual offender. He has all the signs and patterns of one. The things that the boys brought up in the allegations and the court cases show all the pattners of a sexual offender.

I was truly appalled to see so much being said that was good without even adding the fact that of his court cases. I don’t think that anyone will ever mention Bernie Maddof ever again in a news report without mentioning that, even and especially his death. However this sex offender doesn’t? Truly appalling.

Now they are saying that those kids were never legally adopted. I only hope so because then they can get away from that family and the father, who also is someone that no child should be near.


Comment by kate1975

I do not get into the discussion of if he was a molester or not. Fact is it is unknown. I go with he gave wine to children and slept with them which is wrong even if he did not molest them. It is a violation of their boundaries.

I also stay away from the typical pedophile behavior. I tend to stay away from any description of any human behavior as typical.

Might just be so many of the pedophiles that I know are female.

Comment by MFF

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