Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #118: Migraines
August 18, 2009, 12:52 am
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I wish someone would research the link between surviving childhood sexual abuse and the incidence of migraines. Lots of women get migraines, it’s true. But lots of women are grown up fucked kids too. My survivor readers out there – do you get migraines?

I started getting migraines when my brother started his shit with me, when I was 7 or 8. I didn’t tell anyone what he was doing and my head hurt like hell. I imagine it was my body’s way of handling the unhandleable. This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids – we get headaches for the rest of our fucking lives.

My mom tried all sorts of shit to help me with my migraines. Biofeedback was the dumbest shit that didn’t help me at all. Mom tried changing my diet to eliminate possible migraine triggers. Eventually I revealed the sex abuse to Mom, and she made his abuse of me stop, magically. Thank you G-d. And mom.

To this day, Mom wonders aloud if steak gives me migraines. I don’t know how many times I have told her it’s not the fucking steak, it’s the fucking of me as a child that has given me pain in my head in the form of migraines. I think it’s easier for her to believe it’s the steak. It’s easier for me to believe the truth.

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Hi Butterfly,

I get real bad headaches. But not sure if they are migraines cause they do not usually last for days. I really do believe your theory is correct.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


Comment by kate1975

Hello Butterfly,

While I’m sure that your migraines are related to your trauma, I can also understand why your Mother might want to try to help you with food. Food is delicious and while I wouldn’t avoid steak to keep myself from getting a headache, I would certainly want to eat good food.

Here are a few questions I would ask when doing a survey about headaches as opposed to migraines and the relationship they have to personal trauma.

A) Do you notice yourself getting a headache before you get a migraine, in other words, does one necessarily lead to the other?

B) Have you ever had a headache or migraine that started because of any other trauma in your life aside from literally physical head injury?

C) Do you have any kind of Fibromyalgia, in other words unexplained muscle pain or fatigue?

D) Are you unable to sleep when you are experiencing a migraine and if so does this lead to other problems such as hallucinations?

E) How does having a migraine affect your decision making process? Do you tend to do more or less work?

F) If you were someone who was unable to talk about your abuse to anyone when it was happening, did you find yourself having these migraines once you did start thinking about telling to someone?

G) Do you have any bladder problems that are triggered by these migraines?

H) Have you noticed any remarkable improvements while on any specific medications or with dietary changes?

These are a few questions that would peak my curiosity the most.
After a little google search, I found this book which mentions page 256 “Long lasting effects of incest” include somatization affecting as many as 55% of survivors, manifesting as tension headaches for one. It does seem like migraines themselves are a mystery and more research needs to be done to get at the heart of what is going on with the body and the mind.

Comment by sandma1half

[…] This isn’t my first post on migraines. That’s because it’s not my first migraine. I’ve been getting migraines since the first time my brother looked at me and touched me inappropriately.  Since I first laid on that couch, that fucking orange couch, and he used my body while I pretended I wasn’t there.  It wasn’t the first time my body had been used against my will, but I guess it was the first time that resulted in head pain.  Ever since then, whenever things get stressful for me, my head hurts so badly.   […]

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