Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #128: Survivor: Samoa

Is anyone watching this season of Survivor? There’s this total shithead on there, Russell, who is a lying sack of shit. From the moment I saw his eyes, I knew what he was, in terms of the kind of person who is willing to lie, cheat, steal, etc. to get what he wants.

So, I think in episode #2, there’s this woman cop who is totally on to him and doesn’t trust him for shit. Sure enough, he gets wind of the fact that she thinks he’s a horse’s ass, and so he rallies everyone around and gets her kicked off the island. Other women stood by this man, and voted against good, and on the side of evil.

I took it as a personal insult. I have seen this happen so many times, and yet every time it surprises me. How many times throughout history has someone tried to stand up for what is right, only to be shot down by the evildoer and the evildoer’s followers? This is what happens in incest and child sexual abuse cases too.

We try to tell whomever will listen. We are children. Our voices may be small, but we are still speaking. You hear us. You know you hear us. We know you hear us. And then you tell us we are lying, we are imagining it, we’re too young to know what we’re talking about. Whatever shit it is that you tell yourself and us so you can sleep at night, while we lay awake, haunted.

And then the abuser chimes in and lies to you, to me, to everyone who’s listening. And everyone believes him because the world would rather believe lies than truth. Except us. We know what is real. We know who you are. This is why you shouldn’t fuck kids. There’s more of us than there are of you.

I don’t know the end of this season yet, obviously, but I am sure that he will get what’s coming to him. They always do.

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I haven’t seen this season but I also hope this ass gets what coming to him. Thankfully on Survivor, they usually do. πŸ™‚

Comment by Kerro

I wish they all got what was coming to them. They deserve it.


Comment by kate1975

Hey you, sorry I haven’t been around in awhile…lots going on with my health blah!

I don’t watch survivor, but if you think he’s an ass, I am sure he is and I hope he gets his comeuppance! πŸ˜‰

I hope to see you at my blog, I moved it to a domain YAY! πŸ™‚

Comment by murderousthoughts

this is my 3rd season of watching Survivor and this season is by far the one that has the biggest Ass (Russell). I am so disgusted with his behavior I want to break something and I want to stop watching, but I want to see him get his. I wonder if he is trying to get the “most hated” award at the end. What a dope.

As to the bottom part of your post – I agree,sadly, that there are many many more of us than there are of them. Why is that? Why is it that no group of survivors has ever pooled money and set up shop, applied for grants and then taken these poops to court? THERE ARE MORE OF US, yet we cannot stand up for ourselves or for each other w/o getting slapped down.

Comment by Ivory

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