Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #129: Incest Jokes
October 17, 2009, 1:18 pm
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When I was in therapy (at 19 years old, for wanting to kill myself), I told my therapist that I didn’t like it when people made incest jokes. She had no idea what I was talking about. She said “Who makes incest jokes?” I am now realizing that maybe if you are not a child sexual abuse survivor or incest survivor, maybe you wouldn’t be sensitive to this shit the way I am, so maybe she didn’t realize how we as a culture like to downplay and make fun of incest.

When I was dating blowjob guy, he told me a story about how he knew some guy whose daughter was now a teenager and wore bikinis. The guy made some joke to blowjob guy about how he had to control himself around his daughter because he found her attractive. Blowjob guy laughed while he was telling me this. As someone whose father did not ‘control himself’ around me, I didn’t think it was funny.

Last night, the huz and I went to a dinner theater event. We’d been planning it for a few weeks, we never go out and do fun things (because we have a baby), and we were really looking forward to it. The play was about hillbillies (seriously, the title had hillbillies in the name). Within the first few seconds, they started incest jokes about dad having sex with daughters, and all other family members fucking each other too.

We planned a night out, for fun. And here I am, yet again, an incest survivor, supposed to laugh and act like none of this shit is personally hurtful to me. I am unable to find the humor in child sexual abuse and incest. I was pretty pissed that we paid $70 to basically hear jokes made about the most hurtful part of my life. And yet again, a perfectly innocent night out to try and relax and enjoy life becomes a reason you shouldn’t fuck kids.

If a veteran came home from war, and we joked about the fact that he had to kill people or see his friends’ heads blown off, no one would think that is okay. Yet all of us fucked kids are subjected to these disgusting jokes that make light of not only our suffering, but also the events that caused our suffering. It’s not right, and I am ashamed that I gave my money to this dinner theater event.

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Hi Butterfly,

I agree with you. I am sorry that you went through that at the dinner theater, how awful.

I walked out of the room when my brothers were watching a show a few years ago when one of those kind of jokes happened. They don’t get it. I should think that at least my siblings should get it. They suck. One of my new roommates does it as well and as a survivor she should know better. None of it is funny.

I’m sorry you went through that at a time you paid so much to go out and have fun. Good and healing thoughts to you.


Comment by kate1975

I totally agree with you too. I had a friend bring up some situation where someone was calling their lover ‘daddy’ as some people do and I said “as an incest survivor, I prefer to keep family references completely separate from my sexuality”. She immediately got it, but it sucks to have to say it. People have got to start getting this. If 30% of the population have been sexually abused, then there are a lot of us keeping quiet when this kind of crap goes on that they’re offending or hurting. I like your point about the veterans. If you decide to write a letter of complaint I think you should include it.

Good and healing thoughts to you and I’m sorry your date was ruined. Baastards!

Comment by sworddancewarrior

Hi Butterfly,

I totally agree with you. I never found those kind of jokes funny, and I think it is every person’s right as a human to deny a comedian a laugh when that comedian has taken too many liberties with his or her act. If I were with you, I’d have probably booed the damn thing. It’s the actors who have a responsibility to their audience to react to this, and a good theatre troupe would know how to respond in a way that would include us, and the other people who didn’t find it funny. I’m sure you weren’t the only ones.

Best wishes, and I hope to hear you are in better company in terms of actors and their weird plays.

Comment by sandma1half

i agree incest jokes aren’t funny unless you have to clue as to the pain that has been invoked- unfortunately many people just dont care

Comment by incestbabble

I live in Kentucky, and so naturally these things are heard sometimes. I spent a long time trying to understand how, even though I hated why my brother did to me, I still thought about it an liked it. It’s completely fucked up that things like this are allowed to be joked about.

Comment by TreatInfamy

YES! I totally agree. I was in a situation a few weeks ago where a group of friends and my husband and I got together to watch old episodes of SNL, which I don’t care for anyway, but just thought it would be fun to be with friends. Dammit if there wasn’t a skit about a guy trying to get a girl drunk so he could have sex with her. That really pissed me off…and pissed other people there off at ME for not being ok with it. “It’s just politically incorrect…that’s what makes it funny…” So, I guess that makes it ok to laugh at, huh? Date-rape. hmmm. Anyway, thanks again for your directness.

Comment by journalofhealing

Way cool post. Almost made me cry. So many folks don’t realize the connotation ‘things’ give us survivors – and can we ‘blame’ them? I don’t know. It’s not funny to me. Like my brother used to say: “Fuck anything human lately?” There was some hard core porn nastiness to that question; some . . . well, dammit. LOL. But it gave (gives?) you (me?) then some insight to our lives back then. Way kool post. I think I’ll subscribe.

Comment by jeffssong

i’m with you, these things are not funny!

Comment by buckwheatsrisk

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