Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #134: Not wearing gloves in the winter

It’s winter, and it’s getting cold out. Most people wear gloves when it’s cold so that they can keep their hands warm. I don’t wear my gloves, and here’s the reason: If someone attacks me, the police can get his DNA from under my fingertips when I scratch him. Plus, there would be physical evidence on this man’s face/body of the fact that I put up a struggle and fought him, thus showing that this was against my will. If I were wearing gloves, I wouldn’t be able to get his DNA, and then there would be no proof that this crime was perpetrated onto me, the way there is no proof of anything that babysitter did to me (or my dad or brother too).

I am reasonably certain that had neither of these three people fucked me when I was a child, I would be happily wearing gloves in the winter. This thought process of scratching his face for evidence wouldn’t even be a thought in my mind had I not experienced the abuse of my body as a child. And plus I would have warm hands now, as an adult. Cold hands due to the inability to wear gloves in cold weather. That would be reason #134 why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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Dear Butterfly,

Such a powerful image of the aftereffects of abuse and why abuse should not happen. The thought process you explain is heartbreaking and real, it is so horrible to think that you and all of us mus alter our lives so much due to abuse. I know that we do. It’s just so awful that we have to. Good and healing thoughts to you.


Comment by kate1975

I agree with Kate. I’d also love to knit you a pair of fingerless gloves, and I hope they keep you warm and safe.

Comment by sandma1half

[…] laying in wait under them.  Every closet is checked every night.  My every movement, from not wearing gloves even though my hands are so cold that they hurt, to wearing many blankets even though I am so hot I […]

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I just stumbled upon your blog today. Your posts are really powerful and I love the format you’ve decided to use to express yourself.

Comment by talesofacrazypsychmajor

[…] two big dogs, and carefully evaluating my need to go outside before I ever leave the house, and not wearing gloves in the winter.  The list goes on and  […]

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