Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #175: Columbine

My husband has been reading this book about the Columbine massacre, and he was telling me about the two kids involved in the shootings (Eric Harris and Dylan Kliebold). Apparently, Eric Harris was a psychopath who prided himself on his outstanding abilities to deceive people by making them think he wasn’t a complete psychopath when in fact he was. The huz told me that this is fairly common among psychopaths.

This conversation scared me enough that I began to shake violently. The idea of psychopaths is incredibly frightening to those of us who have been on intimate terms with evil. I cannot make heads or tails of psychopaths – but they seem like evil to me.

The huz told me that psychopaths are unable to feel empathy, and that there is the possibility that their brains are wired differently than the rest of ours.  Yet, that trauma conference that I went to last month said that when you traumatize kids, their brains get wired differently too.

Are psychopaths made, or are they born?  Are some people born to do evil, or are they formed to do evil?

These questions bring me, always, to sex offenders.  If someone’s willing to fuck kids, they are obviously without natural empathy.  Some survivors take their experiences and it makes them much better at feeling empathy, since they know what it’s like.  Other survivors take their experiences and victimize others, since they know what it’s like.

After the Columbine discussion with the huz, I found myself still shaking an hour later.  I tried to do some deep-breathing exercises, and some relaxation exercises, but nothing really worked.  I basically shook until I fell asleep for the night.

I’ve been shaking like this for years now.  It’s embarrassing, it’s uncontrollable, and it happens in every possible situation.  It happens when discussing evil, and it happens when kissing my sweet husband.  That’s why you shouldn’t fuck kids.  Ordinary shit scares us to the point of uncontrollable shaking.

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