Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #177: Into the Woods

Have you guys ever seen the musical “Into the Woods”.  I was fortunate enough to see it on Broadway a long time ago.  It’s about a bunch of fairy tale characters (like Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Prince Charming, Rapunzel, etc.) who interact with each other.  They all have to go into the woods to get their wishes answered, even though it is scary. 

I happened across some of my audio-tapes the other day, (does anyone besides me still have those???  Mine are dusty from not using them), and one of the songs from Into the Woods was on there.  It was called “Ever After”, and it comes at the end of Act I (I think). 

I was singing along with these words:

“And it came to pass, all that seemed wrong
was now right, and those who deserved to
were certain to live a long and happy life.
Ever after…

Journey over, all is mended,
And it’s not just for today,
But tomorrow, and extended
Ever after!”

When I got the part about it being okay forever after, not just for today, but tomorrow and extended ever after – I choked up.  I was in my car alone, and it’s safe to cry in cars alone.

This is what we are all searching for.  Some sort of happy ending where all the wrongs are made right, and good people live long healthy happy lives, and at the end of our journey, all is mended.

For our wrongs to be made right though – what does that mean?  I suspect that for each of us, there is a shared and then unique list of wrongs to be made right.  For some of us, it means our perpetrators apologizing to us and admitting that they hurt us in unspeakable ways.  It would also mean that all the other adults in our lives would  apologize to us for allowing this to happen, and for not protecting us from predators.  It means the perpetrator admitting that there was nothing we could have done to stop them from hurting us, that they had it in their head all along that this was going to happen, that they are completely at fault and that we are completely innocent.  That anytime an adult fucks a child, the adult is completely at fault, and the child is completely innocent.  Once perps begin to admit that, maybe the rest of society will stop blaming the victim too.

Then what would “all is mended” mean for us?  For me, it would mean waking up feeling refreshed.  Falling asleep when I am tired.  Not insulating my body with extra fat so as to render me unrecognizable as a woman or as a human.  Fucking my husband, with passion and joy and everything in between.  Having the ability to say “no” to everyone.  Not constantly looking around me, at the door, at the windows, in the dark spaces as I write this.  And a million other things, including the 176 reasons before this one as to what my life has become as a result of child sex abuse.

It’s not that I don’t want to go into the woods, necessarily, it’s just that I would like to know that at the end of this journey, all the wrongs are made right and all is mended.  Ever after.

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Ah, but what is “Into the Woods” without its second act? Just a fairytale. Fairytales tell us we can have that happy ending, forever and ever after. Real life (and the 2nd act) remind us that reality is a far cry from happily ever after. But, if we work hard and have faith, we can find happiness– even those of us who were fucked as kids. And happiness will never stop being fleeting.

Comment by Natalie Rose

I think I actually do believe in ever after, although minus the apology from the abusers. I’d settle for just feeling good most of the time. I don’t think my abuser could say or do anything meaningful for me, actually, (except to frickin die already!). I think it’s possible to be happy, without the other people having to change at all, but maybe that’s the real fairy tale. Blessings to you, Butterfly.

Comment by sworddancewarrior

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