Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #182: It fucks our partners too
June 30, 2010, 2:18 pm
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Last week, the huz and I were were at our marital therapy session, and the big topic of discussion was the fact that I want another baby, and I feel like he doesn’t. So we’re sitting there, hashing it out, when finally he began to talk about how he has so much responsibility since I am so afraid all the time, and everything falls on him. This is completely true. As most of my posts show, I am afraid of many many things, and this leaves all kinds of slack that the huz is either forced to pick up or let go. I don’t like the noise of the dishwasher, I can’t shower when he’s not here, laundry machine makes noise, etc. All these things can only be done when he is home, or not at all. Sometimes I do these things when he is home, sometimes he does these things, but the fact that they are timed for only the times when he is home makes the whole thing a lot more difficult.

Then there are the other ways he gets fucked. I am afraid to take the baby for a walk by myself, afraid to take the baby to the mall by myself, etc. The theme here is ‘by myself’, and since my fear stops me from doing these things, they of course fall to him or us together. The man never gets any peace, except for when I watch the baby here at home and he goes outside by himself.

The thing is, I didn’t know he felt so fucked up by all this that it was inhibiting us from having another baby.  Now, a 2nd baby might not be in the cards for us right now for many other reasons, starting with the fact that we’re not fucking each other.  Unless a star appears in the East again, we need to start fucking each other to have a baby.  Lately it seems like he’s ready for sex, and I of course am not.  Every time I think about trying to have sex, I get all fucked up and scared.  Not at all unusual for me, as this reason has come up several times in this blog.

So, to sum up, everything falls on him, and we’re not fucking each other. That’s why you shouldn’t fuck kids.  You not only fuck us, you fuck our partners too.

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