Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #202: Give it to me in nightmares

I once saw this movie where a 5 year old child had suffered through sexual abuse by his daycare provider, and his mother and him were suffering through the after-effects of surviving.  The child was having all the normal effects of surviving abuse: nightmares, bed-wetting, crying jags, phobias, flashbacks, panic attacks, etc.

The mother had not seen any justice in the case, and she said to some therapist “How long will it take for him to get over this?  And don’t give it to me in days, give it to me in nightmares.  Give it to me in sleepless nights, in flashbacks, in panic attacks.  Give it to me in those numbers.  How many nightmares does my child have to suffer through until he is all better again?”

Last night, I had a terrible nightmare about the babysitter.  It was one of those abuse-related nightmares that made me wake up in a panic.  I was scared stiff, literally.  I couldn’t move after I woke up because I was just so afraid.  So I lay there, shaking, under my covers, afraid to even peek out at my room.  It was like I was a little girl all over again, I was so afraid.  You’d never know I was a 37 year old woman.

This morning, the huz asked me how I slept, and I just lost it and began to cry from the memory of the nightmare. 

It’s been 30 years of nightmares and I am still not better yet, not even close to better yet.  That’s why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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