Reasons You Shouldn’t Fuck Kids

Reason #205: Praise G-d

***This post is controversial, and might be perceived as somewhat preachy.  I hate proselytization (when you try to convert someone to your religion, or your way of thinking about G-d) more than most other shit in the world, so if G-d (or this way of thinking about G-d) isn’t your thing, I apologize for how this post might come across.  Know that my healing journey may differ from yours, and both are good. ***

I was watching an episode of “19 Kids and Counting” today – it’s that show about the Duggar Family.  The Duggars believe that every child is a gift from G-d, which I personally think is a lovely way to think about children.  The show is probably somewhat controversial though, as people have opinions about how many children is okay and how many is too much.

Anyway though, in today’s episode, Michelle Duggar (the mom) developed pre-eclampsia in the 25th week of pregnancy and had to deliver the 19th baby early.  Jim Bob (the father) was scared out of his wits – he was facing the possible loss of not only his 19th child, but also his wife – but he choked back tears to say this: “When good things happen to us, we praise G-d.  When bad things happen to us, we praise G-d.”

I thought this was so beautiful.  I mean, if you think about it, when good things happen to you, you never sit there and say “Why, G-d, why??”  But when bad things happen, you can bet you ask why!  Why G-d, why?  Why did that babysitter molest me?  Why did my father punch me?  Why!  How could You let that happen to me?

When I look at my situation through a lens of “praise G-d” though, I think about how if G-d has a hand in this, then maybe there is a plan.  If there is a plan, then there is a purpose for all that has happened to me.  That maybe G-d allowed this to happen to me for a reason.  Maybe that reason is a deeper understanding of pain, which allows me a deeper understanding of empathy.  Maybe G-d allowed this babysitter to hurt my brother and I through some sort of divine plan, and if that is true, then He will lead me through the healing part of it too, right?

I read somewhere that people who are spiritual have a better chance at healing from their traumatic experiences, from drug addictions, from all sorts of things.  Maybe if I believe in praising G-d in the bad times, then I will heal from this whole thing. 

Something terrible happened to me.  Yes. Yes, there have been 205 ways that being fucked as a kid has fucked me so far.  Yes.  I seem to have a hard time healing from it.  I have a hard time trusting people, and I can’t seem to fuck my husband without images of my brother popping into my mind without my permission. I can’t raise my child without thinking about my own experiences in childhood.  I have nightmares and panic attacks. Yes.  That cannot be denied.  These things happened to me, I survived them, and the process of surviving them has caused me 205 fucked up things that wouldn’t otherwise be a part of my life experience.  Praise G-d.

Praising G-d when you have lost all hope of any other way of surviving what is otherwise unthinkable.  That’s why you shouldn’t fuck kids.

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I like your post. My faith is important to me too, and believing that there’s some meaning in it all is helpful to me too. Praise G-d for you Butterfly. Praise G-d you survived. Blessed be. SDW

Comment by sworddancewarrior

Great Post. May this revelation sustain you in the future when things turn sour, as they often do. May G-d’s plan for your purpose continue to gestate as you discover how your horrible experiences can be used for G-d’s glory and help to heal so many others who have had to face similar situations!

Comment by sjjnks

yeah I guess its a mixed blessing, like stem cell research or something.

I have a lot of conflicted feelings about finding G-D’s purpose in my abuse, and actually it makes me very uncomfortable to think He let me experience that for His “glory” or to help others….

But whatever gets you well is alright with me, we all have to find our way out if the darkness 🙂

Comment by PhoenixAscending

[…] ‘Praise G-d’ side of me says that maybe this did happen to me so that I would meet my soulmate and recognize him […]

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